Graphic Art and Painting - グラフィックアートと絵画

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One of the first digital images I created on my first 256 colour computer, original as a pcx. Titled Hunter it is an image of human hunter repeated. Intended as a fabric design. This is actually a scan of a printout.


A combination of digital painting and an altered scan of a Polaroid photograph, the woman is the altered photograph the rest is digital paintbrush work. 1990-1993. Original image a PCX.


A completely created digital paintbrush image, used in the previous image to be the opened window the woman stands holding. 1990-1993. Original image a PCX.


A digital paintbrush image. Using a Polaroid photograph of fire-weed growing in my garden. I used the digital palette from Journey to recolour the scanned Polaroid. 1990-1993. Original image a PCX. 1990-1993.