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Bromford Road Secondary Modern, Birmingham, England
Graduate, English, Mathematics, Science, First Class Pass 1961. I passed my finals at school with first class passes all round at age fifteen and left school as my family could not afford the cost of further education.
University of Birmingham, Mathew Boulton Technical College, Birmingham, England
Engineering Science
Mathematics 1965 - 1966
First Year only

Migration to Canada, July 1, 1966

Vancouver Vocational Institute, part of Vancouver City College

, Vancouver B.C. Canada
Electricity and Industrial Electronics 1967 - 1968 Diploma

Other Activities

I worked with a Canada Council Sponsored organization name 'Intermedia.' Intermedia was administered by Joe Kyle and several board members who were prominent artists in the Province of British Columbia, Jack Shadbolt and others of his generation being prominent. My tasks were numerous and unpaid as it was a form of apprenticeship for me to work with accomplished artists. I was appreciated for my technical know-how and how it could be applied to artistic enterprises.

University of British Columbia Okanagan, Okanagan College

, Kelowna B.C. Canada
Fine Arts program (Incomplete - Withdrew)
Painting Major 1974 - 1976

University of the Fraser Valley, Current Education in progress

Completion of a Bachelors degree
English major in Creative Writing, Anthropology and breadth courses in the Visual Arts.

Selected Committees

Technical University Of British Columbia

Interactive Arts Program Advisory Committee

Chair & Co-Chair

Alice Mansell, TechBC
Tom Calvert, TechBC

Industry Representatives

Evan Alderson, SFU Harbour Centre
Sara Diamond, Banff Centre for the Arts
Steven Forth, DNA Multimedia
David Lisle, IATSE 891 (Film Industry Rep)
Chris Welman, Mainframe Entertainment
John Buchanan, Electronic Arts
David Clark, MDA
Don McIntosh, Telus
David Mowatt, VanCity Capital
Gary Rasmussen, ISMBC
Wade Schrader, IBM
Wolfgang Strigel, SPC Software Productivity
Clive Wrigley, EleCom Interlink
TechBC faculty members (various)

Selected Publications

Supervisory Study Manuals and Instructors guides

Three part manuals and guides

This seminar and participant materials were designed by the Learning Resources Unit (LRU) of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), in consultation with IATSE Local 891 and the legal firm of McTaggart, Ellis & Company.

The following people formed the development team:

Shelly Crawford IATSE Local 891
Beth Hanham IATSE Local 891
David Lisle IATSE Local 891
Don Ramsden IATSE Local 891
J. Miriam Gropper
McTaggart, Ellis & Company
Mary Gillis and Barbara J. Mitchell, LRU/BCIT.

The three manuals and teaching guides - six manuals in all.

The Supervisory Role
Health and Safety - compliant with Provincial Legislation Health and Safety Regulations
Corrective Action - compliant with Provincial Labour Laws

Professional Experience

IATSE Local 891 1996 - 2007

Training Manager 1996 - 1998.

This job entailed the creation of twenty-two apprenticeship programs and the supervision of the a process called 'The DACUM Process' in concert with the DACUM staff from BCIT. The program was successful and at least four apprenticeships came online. The program came to end when the newly elected Liberal party dismantled the Provincial Apprenticeship Branch.
IT Manager - 1998 - 2007

Film Industry

Costume Designer

Separate resume for film work as a Costume Designer and other types of film work.

Bella Coola Fisheries 1980 - 1983

Fish plant technician

primarily concerned with all aspects of maintenance including:

Welding and other such machine shop activities

B & T Fluid Power (now Hypower) 1978 - 1980

Bench-work repair

and construction of hydraulic components.
Promoted to foreperson and supervised five full time machine shop mechanics.
Promoted to Shop Manager and supervised all mechanics, welders and machinists and supervised construction of industrial hydraulic units including installation in sawmills, mines and other facilities such as Alcan. Manufactured electronic components for speed control and other elements. I have some experience with pneumatic logic control units as well as fluid logic control units.

Electrical Work 1968 - 1977

I worked on a contractual basis for various companies building forest industry facilities in the North and North-West as well as Hydro Electric projects during the construction phase. Subsequently I sought and obtained more permanent work as a shift electrician in sawmills around the Prince George area.

GPO Telephone Engineering Division (now British Telecom)

I worked for one and half years in the telecommunications industry in England prior to emigrating to Canada for better opportunities.

British Merchant Marines from 1962 - 1965

I trained at the TS Vindicatrix in Gloucestershire on the River Severn. Shipping out after boot camp as a Deck Boy I acquired the rank of Junior Ordinary Seaman and qualified to be raised to Senior Ordinary Seaman. My work involved washing the ship, painting the ship, steering the ship and serving on lookout duties on the forecastle head as well as the wings of the bridge. I learned rope work and was trained and qualified to save lives of non-employees during a ship crisis. I had a great time and saw many places I otherwise would never have seen.

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