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Recent Work

Autumn Bounty

Autumn Bounty - Acrylic on wood - c.2015

16 inches by 16 inches (40.46 cm by 40.46 cm)

A woodland found by a rest stop in Wetsuwetin country near to Houston BC. The trees are mainly Quaking Aspens and such trees are not well favoured by foresters. However the Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides), while having poor seed vitality, are enormously adept at survival and sometimes can be represented by single a tree covering vast areas. See  Pando . In addition it survives forest fires because of deep roots that send up new growth in the same area. Not much favoured for it's wood, which is a hardwood, nor for firewood due to it's lack of lignin. Each leaf is carefully hinged and when the breeze blows the leaves move from side to side and make a sound like falling rain. To me they are a delight both because of their sounds and their colour changes in the Autumn turning huge patches of temperate climate forest a beautiful gold colour.

Autumn Bounty

Daboba - Fibreglass and paint on a steel spine with wood ribs and subservient structures - C.2016

42 inches (106.68cm) by 72 inches (182.88cm)

Temple installation of "Dagoba" AKA Stupa, Chorten, Pagoda. 42 inches wide at it's widest point and more than 6 feet tall. The lower part is cast concrete painted white, the upper part has a steel spine and wooden ribs. Installed at the clients location in Surrey B.C. Canada on 21st May 2016. Inaugurated on the 22nd May 2016. I started this piece in May of 2015. It took a year to make. This included a good deal of study concerning the object as it is an object of reverence and a teaching tool for Buddhists. On one hand it represent the Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama, on the other hand it contains the philosophical precepts of Buddhism, a Philosophy and not a religion. The trinkets on the bottom part were added by the client. The outside is finished with fibreglass placed using an additive process, not something I could recommend as fibreglass works best when made in a mould. The top portion weighs about 400 lbs and the bottom part weighs 1000 lbs. The whole is down a steep hill and was very difficult to put in place. The type is taken from one of the eight types of Stupa and represents a memorial of the Buddhas death and it is named "Nirvana."

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